Mobility on-demand startup Grow reaches 10 million rides in Latin America

Grow is the outcome of the merging between electric scooter startup Grin and bike-share Brazilian startup Yellow

Marcelo Loureiro, cofundador e CEO da Grin e cofundador da Grow Mobility Inc. _Ariel Lambrecht ( blusa vermelha), cofundador da Yellow e diretor global de produtos da Grow Mobility Inc. Grow (Yellow + Grin) Foto: Germano Lüders 07/02/2019
  • Yellow and Grin have merged in January, forming Grow Mobility
  • Yellow has already raised $63 million in the largest Series A round for a Latin American startup
  • Grin raised $45.7 million in a Series A round of funding

A milestone for the startup, Grow has just reached 10 million trips in Latin America, something that probably comes from the positive result after the merging among micro-mobility companies Grin and Yellow earlier this year, rebranded as Grow Mobility.

In a fast-paced growth, the startup has been showing impressive results such as similar services like California-based companies Bird and Lime, which have also hit a great number of trips in a short period of time, according to information from TechCrunch.

With $150 million in funding and five million users over Latin America, Grow is taking an important part in a booming scenario of on-demand services in the region. 

“The demand for these everyday services across Latin America is huge and, by combining strengths and resources, we will be able to move quickly to serve more users”, Grin co-founder and Grow CEO Sergio Romo said in a press release, at the occasion of the companies fusion, earlier this year.